Best Online Computer Science Degree Programs of 2023

Explore our guide to the top online computer science programs, including how much to expect from a computer science salary and jobs you can pursue.

Computer scientists typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which is widely available online. If you’re considering an online computer science degree, here’s what to do next:

  • Explore this page to determine whether this path is the right choice for you.
  • Check out the top-ranked online bachelor’s in computer science programs, as well as our sponsored programs.
  • Request more information from schools you’re interested in to find the best fit for you.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree?

Just about every job market needs technology professionals. A degree in computer science provides you with the skills to pursue technology careers in fields like IT, business, healthcare, and government. Popular tech jobs include those in database administration, web development, and software development.

Why Should I Get an Online Computer Science Degree?

There are few better degrees than computer science for your return on investment (ROI). The computer science industry pays well and has an increasingly high demand for qualified workers.

Many schools offer online programs for computer science. That means you can get a worthwhile degree without putting extra strain on your work or personal life. National data also shows an online degree in computer science also costs less than a traditional degree, as you’ll see later on in the costs section.

Benefits of a Bachelor’s in Computer Science

  • Increasing demand for computer scientists
  • High earning potential after graduation
  • Recession-proof jobs
  • Specialized skills needed in the modern economy

Reasons to Get Your Computer Science Degree Online

  • Flexibility to learn where you want
  • Cheaper tuition cost compared to traditional degrees
  • Balance work and school
  • Better suited for neurodivergent learning styles

What Salary Can I Make With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science?

Median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations


Median annual wage for software developers


Computer scientists made a median annual salary of $97,430 in May 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Software developers made a median of $109,020. And the BLS reports that the top 25% of all computer scientists made $164,280.

In many cases, IT professionals earn a higher annual wage than professionals in other fields. Salary potential varies depending on your specific career and where you work.

Other factors may also affect salaries, such as your education and experience. For example, with a bachelor’s degree, you will likely earn more than someone with an associate degree.